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 Thank you, School Board Members, for your service to your students and communities!

The month of January marks the observance of School Board Recognition Month; this is a time to show our appreciation for the forty school board members who serve the Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA) and the districts of Brighton, Fowlerville, Hartland, Howell and Pinckney; they are leaders and champions for public education in our community.  Our school board members dedicate countless hours of hard work providing leadership guidance to local school districts in order to advance education for the nearly 28,000 children in Livingston County.

School board members are ordinary citizens with extraordinary dedication to our public schools.  All Michigan citizens should recognize the vital contribution of these men and women and the crucial role they play in the education of our children.  School Board members come from a variety of backgrounds, yet they share a common goal – helping students achieve in school and life.

The job of the Board of Education is to establish a vision for the education program, design a structure to achieve that vision, ensure schools are accountable to the community and strongly advocate for continuous improvement in student learning.  The job of a school board member is demanding, the hours great and the thanks few and far between; now is the time to thank them for their efforts.



LESA Vision
LESA will be a premier educational service agency.

LESA Mission
LESA provides highly valued service through leadership, innovation and collaboration. 

Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA) provides a variety of programs and services that support student achievement for approximately 30,000 students and 2,300 educators in the five public school districts and two public school academies in the county. Services include administration and delivery of career and technical education, special education,  and alternative education programs, professional development focused on student achievement, early childhood education and care, data processing, and business operational support.

LESA is one of 56 intermediate school districts (ISDs) in Michigan. Established in 1962, ISDs are regional service agencies that provide support services more effectively and efficiently delivered regionally. LESA is governed by Michigan General School Laws.
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